Matrix 2-Point Level Seminars

Important: We would like to emphasize that these seminars Level 1-3 take place on a weekend and Level 1 also on 3 nights, as these are very intensive and extensive. During this time, you can exploit the full success for you.

Matrix Level 1

In this seminar you will learn with much ease to know and how to apply the two-point method. We teach you all the basics that you will need for this quantum energy field or channel to bring with a lot of creativity the respective debilitating issues in freedom. In this way of transformation, obstructive patterns, shapings, and many entanglements and connections as well as much more are brought in the change. All that what holds us to the old reality and not letting go.

Contents of the Seminar

  • Releasing
  • Suggestions
  • Time voyage from now to procreation
  • Timeline
  • Open Heart Energy
  • Gemstone frequencies / healing frequencies
  • parallel universes with their information
  • resources, healing symbols
  • Self-application as well as remote application
  • Indoor and Housing cleaning
  • and much more ...

Matrix Level 2

In this seminar you will learn to apply the modules even more creative and playful and more as a medium. It will come to know new and faster modules and you will learn to work more intensively in the world of unlimited possibilities. You will learn to dive into the cell structures and the cell levels and in the DNA to learn a lot more in freedom, ease and salvation and to live in. You get through this Level 2 much more safety and efficiency in the application. They learn to use their own creativity in applying the Matrix method.

Contents of the Seminar

  • Faster initial modules
  • Beliefs
  • Remove stumbling blocks
  • Recycling
  • Operate switches and controls
  • Disconnect and remove much more
  • Ancestry module
  • Heart opening for unconditional love
  • and much more...

Matrix Level 3

The adventure begins now, the journey to you and your mediumship itself!

If you cannot do the 2-point method yet, you do have in this seminar nevertheless the opportunity to experience the amazing effect.

In this very intense and liberating seminar, you can rebind yourself on the soul potential that what you had provided to create in this life once upon a time. Many times we have strayed from the actual life plan because of the cumbersome life issues and accordingly run our lives. In this seminar, we want to make accessible to every man, you’ll love to rebind yourself on which expresses your true “I am”. You can rediscover new and go a way of your heart.

Seminar contents:

We only say so much that it comes from your outside to your inside and then in your higher soul Plan!

It is one of the most beautiful “I AM” seminars for you!!! You’ll arrive in yourself