About Us: We Brigitte Ganzer-Bär and Ingo Ganzer

Brigitte Ganzer-Bär

With unrecognized but practicing healing abilities, I am born as a Swiss-child. Only later, the real healing began much later. Through a life of disease and many traumatic situations I found doctors that realized this and took me in the direction of self-healing. I met very late my heart partner and followed him in 2001 to the beautiful Herdecke upon Ruhr. Here we have found the right space to realize our dream of helping many people to more health, happiness and abundance. So I was in the healing work that I did, very quickly I realized that there were no limits in the healing. Our knowledge substantiates from self-healing, education, research and practice as well as continuous improvements in the area of healing.

  • Psychological Consultants
  • Teaching for Autogenic training / relaxation and meditation teacher / healing hypnosis
  • training of therapist MET Meridian Energy Techniques
  • 4 years of training for metaphysics and spiritual healing methods
  • Training in energy measuring of the energy meridians and balancing them
  • 2 trainings of the transformation matrix quantum healing to trainer level
  • Training for Medial-spiritual-Healing by Channeling
  • Training to Channel-Medium
  • Clearing training

Ingo Ganzer

In the world of machines, facts and figures I became acquainted with many people. I began to notice that the human being and his concerns were more and more in my focus. Many of them appeared to be left alone with their fears, problems, worries and ailments, despite supposedly best care in our affluent society. In many interviews, I realized that I had a special access to the people and my skills have a very positive impact on their well-being. In 2006 I founded together with my wife Brigitte as the heart of our lives the "The Center for Health and Success" in Herdecke.

  • Training as a healer of spiritual healing
  • Training in the field energetic measurements of energy meridians and its balance
  • Training of MET Meridian Energy Techniques
  • MATRIX-coach of all levels
  • Tibetan Yoga Trainer
  • Dietitian of B.A.U.M. Academy
  • Training to Channel-Medium